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LPGA hopeful overcomes drug addiction for 2nd shot at golf

(Golf Week, Nov. 28) Golfer Amber Hensley tried desperately to avoid the destructive drug addiction path her mother took.

Fort Ann students get close look at effects of drugs, alcohol

(The Post Week, Nov. 27) Jake Nestor, a New York State local, talks to students in Fort Ann about his addiction.


(CINewsNow, Nov. 22) While the opioid crisis is taking over headlines across America, another one is looming over college students.

Wausau man, 19, dies of accidental prescription drug overdose

(WAOW, Nov. 21) A 19-year-old Wisconsin man was found dead of an drug overdose.

Philadelphia reports 40 drug overdoses in one night

(Outbreak News Today, Nov. 20) Philadelphia experienced a surge in drug overdoses recently, as many as 40 in one day.

What Adderall And Study Drugs Do To Your Natural Sleep Patterns

(Elite Daily, Nov. 17) Taking \"study drugs\" to increase your focus during studying can actually hinder your sleep cycle.

Students battle with opioids

(University Times, Nov. 17) One in four college students suffer from substance abuse.

Marijuana use tied to rare, temporary heart malfunction

(KTBS, Nov. 14) A new study shows that marijuana use may raise the risk of a heart malfunction.

Drug-free club numbers beat expectations

(Chillicothe Gazette, Nov. 7) Drug Free Clubs of America have been spreading across public high schools in Ohio.

At least ten Whitman students report unknowingly ingesting dissociative, “rape drugs” in the last two weekends

(Whitman Wire, Nov. 6) At least ten women at Whitman College have been victims of the date rape drug.