What To Ask Your Dentist About Opioids (NIDA Blog)

teen talking to dentist(NIDA)  Many teens get their first prescription for an opioid from a dentist or an oral surgeon. When taken exactly as directed, opioids are relatively safe and can reduce pain. But misusing opioids can lead to addiction and, in some cases, death by overdose.

Even taking opioids as prescribed, such as after having wisdom teeth removed, makes a teen 33 percent more likely to misuse opioids later in life. So, dentists are working to find solutions for dental pain that don’t involve opioids.

One of the best ways to reduce your chance of addiction to opioids is to talk to your dentist. Share your concerns, and specifically ask about the best way to manage your dental pain and reduce the chance of addiction. Read the rest of this article on NIDA's website.