Thinking About Doing Drugs at Homecoming?


The best time of the school year is here. Homecoming! From finding the perfect fanny pack for your ‘90s day outfit to wear during “Spirit Week,” to attending the football game with friends and then partying that night at the dance – these are the times you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  

Do you really need to ruin it by doing drugs? Here are just a few reasons why using drugs at homecoming events (and any other time) is a terrible idea:

lonely teen

You will miss out. Being high takes you out of your normal mindset – making you miss out on all of the real fun you could be having and memories you could be making with your friends.


You could face harsh consequences. Getting caught with drugs could cost you your whole homecoming experience and much more. You could get suspended or expelled from school, or even arrested.  Not only would that be totally embarrassing, but it could also affect your future college plans.

hazy view of the road from behind the wheel

Drugged driving is deadly. Like drunk driving, using drugs while driving is also really dangerous. Marijuana slows your reaction time, cocaine and meth can make you reckless and some prescription meds can make you drowsy – all of these things can lead to deadly car accidents.

Source: “Drugged Driving,” NIDA (

drug overdose teen

Drug Overdose. Getting rushed to the hospital after taking too much drugs is one of the worst things that can happen to you homecoming night. Besides your evening being ruined, you could become very sick. And there is a possibility you won’t survive. 

worried teen looking at a cell phone

You could make a fool of yourself.  At homecoming, and most other social events, someone will be taking a picture or video for social media everywhere you turn. Do you really want to be remembered as being the stumbling, red-eyed, high girl or guy at homecoming? 

teens dancing at school dance

Getting high isn’t worth ruining your homecoming experience or your life in general. Go out and have drug-free fun with your friends and classmates!