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How We Can Exercise Away Addiction and Depression

Exercise is safe and effective, and especially helpful in long-term recovery from substance use disorders.

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National Prevention Week

During National Prevention Week, communities and organizations across ​the country come together to raise awareness about the importance of substance use prevention and mental health promotion.

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Preventing Opioid Misuse among High School Student-Athletes: Playbook for Students

Do you play sports? If you’ve ever gotten seriously injured on the field or on the court, your doctor may have prescribed you some powerful pain medication.

MaKayla Barstow

Drug-Free Living: MaKayla Barstow

MaKayla Barstow, a Connecticut teen who is very active in her community, talks about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Are You Ready for Some Socially Distant Fun?

While there may be a few activities that aren’t available due to the pandemic, there are still a lot of socially distant ways to have fun with your friends. 

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Just Say ...

Turning down drugs can be a little awkward. Here are eight honest and anxiety-free ways to say "no" and still keep your cool.

Drug-Free Living: Victoria Gacek

Fifteen-year-old Victoria Gacek talks about the fun ways she stays drug free and how to respond to peer pressure.

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Virtual Tools for Staying Healthy

(The NIDA Blog Team, August 2020) You can use your phone to do almost anything these days—including staying healthy. 

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Dealing with Peer Pressure

How can you get away from constant, everyday pressure from your friends or schoolmates? Check out a few ideas.

'I Choose to be Drug Free'

Teens share their reasons for not using drugs.