'The Time to Act Is Now' -- California School Makes Fentanyl Mini-Film

A California school community released a mini-film on the fentanyl epidemic, showing how America's #1 drug threat can impact students and their families.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is here! Check out the advice and resources below to make sure you and your friends are living life to the fullest.

Fact or Fiction? Take the Drug Quiz!

Do you know the facts about drugs? Take this fact or fiction quiz and see how knowledgeable you are.

How Much Do Your Friends Know About Fentanyl?

Less than half of young Americans ages 13-24 and just over a third of teens know that fake pills are manufactured with fentanyl, according to a study commissioned by nonprofit charity Song for Charlie.

Protect Your Brain

Check out these tips!

This new video, produced by the Addiction Policy Forum, shares a few good strategies for protecting your brain from substance misuse disorder.

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