• Drug Overdose Myths

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    MYTH: A person can’t overdose on marijuana. FACT: Yes, they can.

  • Drugs and Dating Violence

    unhappy teen couple

    Learn about the different kinds of dating violence.

  • Marijuana Questions: Teens Ask, Scientists Answer

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    How do CBD and THC affect the brain? What's a dab? Get answers to these questions and more.

  • Vaping: What You Should Know

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    Get a few quick facts about vaping and marijuana.


Living Drug Free

  • 7 Better Highs

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    Don’t let boredom be one of the reasons you try drugs. Check out 7 better things you can do.

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  • School Stress: 8 Ways to Deal

    stressed out teen

    Between the back-to-back Zoom classes, online assignments, and your little sister or brother bugging you all day - you're probably pretty stressed Read More

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