• Connor Eckhardt, 19, Spice/K2

    Connor thought the same as many kids—this was a legal buzz, easy to find, inexpensive, and safe.

  • Laura Hope Laws, 17, Morphine and Cocaine

    Laura was addicted to heroin, but she overdosed from morphine, cocaine and alcohol.

  • Ian Brown, 21, Heroin

    Everyone thought Ian would attend college on a tennis scholarship.

  • Montana Sean Brown, 15, 25I-NBOMe

    Montana thought he was taking LSD, but actually died from a deadly synthetic version called N-bomb.

  • Daniel Katz, 25, Oxycontin and Cocaine

    Daniel was an ice-hockey player who partied hard with his friends.

  • Efrain Marrero, 19, Steroids

    A rising football star's life was cut short by steriod abuse.

  • Mark Bauer, 18, Prescription drugs

    The autopsy revealed high levels of oxycodone, morphine, acetaminophen and amphetamines in his body.

  • Ian Eaccarino, 20, Heroin

    Ian James Eaccarino was a promising college student

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