True Stories

  • Leigh Jones's Story

    Ashleigh reached recovery as a young adult and was able to graduate at the top of her class with both her bachelor's and master's degrees.
  • Katharine Stuart's Story

    "I grew up in the suburbs of Indiana. I attended private schools and overall had an amazing childhood. I started experimenting with drugs at 15 years old and by age 18, I tried heroin for the first time."
  • Michael Waggoner's story

    Michael's substance misuse resulted in multiple overdoses and run-ins in with the law. Today, he's in recovery focusing on rebuilding relationships with his family and being a positive influence for his son.
  • Honesty L's Story

    Honesty started using drugs at 12 years old. She's been in recovery since 2007, and is now helping others as a CEO of a non-profit recovery resource foundation.
  • Bertrand B's story

    Bertrand started misusing substances when he was only 9 years old. Today he is in recovery and works as an advocate for young people.
  • Victoria's Story

    Victoria's substance misuse began before she went to college. While on campus at Emory University in Georgia she helped start the school's recovery community.

    I chose the wrong path with drugs and alcohol and now that I am in recovery I have to deal with the choices that I made while using everyday for the rest of my life. I destroyed my family, friends and my life. I have been in jail many times, had thousands of dollars in fines, inpatient rehab, car crashes and watched my friends die. If only I had chosen not to take the first drink or drug, my life would be totally different. My advice is not to let other people make choices for you. Life is so much better without drugs and alcohol.
  • TRUE STORY: Jordan Cole Lunsford

    After using heroin once, Jordan died.  He was a good kid, a happy kid, a kid that was going through a rough moment and his bad choice and the company he kept that night was a recipe for his death.
  • True Story: Telisha Lockwood

    After battling drug addiction since she was a teenager, Telisha is now in recovery.
  • True Story: Jeremy B.

    Jeremy started his drug use with marijuana, then moved on to heroin. Read his recovery story.