True Stories


    I chose the wrong path with drugs and alcohol and now that I am in recovery I have to deal with the choices that I made while using everyday for the rest of my life. I destroyed my family, friends and my life. I have been in jail many times, had thousands of dollars in fines, inpatient rehab, car crashes and watched my friends die. If only I had chosen not to take the first drink or drug, my life would be totally different. My advice is not to let other people make choices for you. Life is so much better without drugs and alcohol.
  • TRUE STORY: Jordan Cole Lunsford

    After using heroin once, Jordan died.  He was a good kid, a happy kid, a kid that was going through a rough moment and his bad choice and the company he kept that night was a recipe for his death.
  • True Story: Telisha Lockwood

    After battling drug addiction since she was a teenager, Telisha is now in recovery.
  • True Story: Jeremy B.

    Jeremy started his drug use with marijuana, then moved on to heroin. Read his recovery story.
  • True Story: Kristina

    Kristina, who is currently in recovery, struggled with opioid addiction for years.
  • Hailey Hesch, New Mexico

    At age 19, Hailey is recovering from years of heroin abuse at a treatment center in New Mexico.
  • John Paul Herrera

    John Herrera started experimenting with marijuana at just 11 years old. Then, at age 16,  the New Mexico native tried heroin for the first time.
  • Abbey Zorzi, 22

    I used to picture an addict as someone under a bridge with a needle in his arm. The end of addiction might look that way, but it sure doesn’t begin like that. I never pictured myself as a drug addict until I became one as a teenager.
  • Chelsea Marie Heptig, 17

    Ecstasy caused Chelsea to go unconscious and have powerful seizures. 
  • Jeremy Traylor, 18

    Jeremy was 80 days sober before deciding to try OxyContin one more time.