• Skull made of pills

    When Your Friend Overdoses on Drugs

    Intentional or accidental overdoses can occur when you or your friend take too much of a drug—even if it's the first time taking the drug, and whether the drug is illicit, prescription, or over the counter. And if an overdose happens to your friend, you have to think twice about your responsibilities.
  • Young man huddled in corner with pipe on table

    You Become Addicted

    If you use drugs, you may lose control and become addicted.
  • teen boy looking at acne in mirror

    How Drugs Affect Your Looks and Your Body

    Using drugs can ruin your health and destroy your physical appearance.
  • Handcuffs with judge's gavel over a pile of white pills

    You Are Caught With Drugs

    The legal consequences of using drugs can be devastating and last far longer than you may realize.
  • lonely teen boy

    Social Consequences of Using Drugs

    Using drugs can cost you your friends and force you to give up the activities you enjoy.
  • A man drops a pill into someone's drink at a bar

    Your Drink is Drugged

    Whether you’re at a party or just hanging out, it’s possible that someone—someone you know or someone you don’t—may slip something into your drink that can hurt you.