Deadly Ecstasy Pills May Be 16-Year-Old Girl’s Cause of Death

(Teen Vogue, Oct. 17) 16-year-old Shellie Callaghan died from taking ecstasy pills at a house party in Scotland. She felt sick and went to the hospital, but didn't make it. MDMA, the drug in ecstasy, also known as "Molly," has caused a number of overdoses in the US as well. Last year, 12 people at Wesleyan University were hospitalized after taking Molly. MDMA is supposed to cause increased energy and pleasure, but has also caused nausea, anxiety, cramping, chills, sweating, and other unpleasant sensations. Some have experienced bad effects all week, and taking too much can lead to death. The other problem behind MDMA is it's not clear what's really in the pills - they could contain cocaine, ketamine, and methamphetamine, among others, which can lead to overdoses or death. READ MORE.