Twitter Chat: Q&A about Drugs and More

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(January 22, 2018) Ahead of National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) hosted a Twitter question and answer session with a few government agencies.  

The agencies answered a few popular questions about drugs, alcohol, tobacco and mental health. Check out a few of the questions that DEA answered during the Twitter chat below:




Some states allow marijuana for medical use. Does That mean it's safe?


Why do some people get addicted to drugs, while others don't?


Does smoking really kill more people than doing drugs?


Is vaping as bad as smoking regular cigarettes?


Are people with mental health issues more likely to have drug and alcohol problems?


What other resources would you recommend for #NDAFW event holders and teen educators?


What cool thing is @DEAHQ doing to teach #teens about substance abuse?



For more information about Students Against Destructive Decisions, a premier youth, health and safety organization, head to their website.