What is Addiction?

How does drug addiction change someone's brain? 

Why do some people get addicted and others don't?

Which drugs are the most addictive?


"The Addiction Series," created by the Addiction Policy Forum, explores the answers to these questions and much much more.

Check out the animated videos below.



Episode 1: The Hijacker

Substance use can hijack the brain -- causing it to think that drugs are important for survival. Watch the video.

Episode 2: Whirlpool

Episode 2: Whirlpools of Risk

There are a variety of reasons some people get addicted to drugs more quickly than others. The drug of choice, as well as the environment can play a role. Watch the video to learn more.

Addiction series episode 3 thumbnail

Episode 3: Understanding Severity

Substance use disorder just gets worse over time. Watch the video.

Addiction Series Part 4 thumbnail: Don't Reach Rock Bottom

Episode 4: Don't Wait for 'Rock Bottom'

You shouldn’t wait for the worst to happen before seeking treatment or helping a loved one, even if they don’t feel “ready.” Watch the video.