• Watch: Discovery Education's Operation Prevention PSA

    Operation Prevention PSA screenshot The DEA and Discovery Education have teamed up to launch Operation Prevention, a program geared towards fighting opioid misuse among young people. Learn more.
  • 2017 Operation Prevention Winners and Finalists

    screenshot  from 'The Corkboard' PSA In May 2017, Operation Prevention announced the winners and finalists of their anti-drug video PSA contest. Watch the videos here.
  • Smosh Video: Drug Use 'Make-Overs'

    SMOSH video before and after Ever wonder how different drugs change the way you look? With the magic of make-up, members of the comedy group Smosh were transformed to look like hardcore drug users. 
  • Anti-drug PSA: 'Bon Appetit'

    screen shot from "Bon Appetit" anti-drug PSA Nicholas K. of Norton, Masssachusetts made it to the final round of Operation Preventions Video Challenge contest. Check out his video, "Bon Appetit."
  • Anti-drug PSA: 'Awareness'

    screen shot from 'Awareness' anti-drug PSA In May 2017, Operation Prevention announced the winners of their Video Challenge Contest. As part of the contest, sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the DEA Educational Foundation, and Discovery Education’s Operation Prevention, participants created 30 to 60 second original Public Service Announcements aimed at preventing other teens from abusing opioids. Out of hundreds of entries, Benjamin Z of W Valley City, Utah made it to the final round for his PSA video "Awareness." Watch it below.
  • Anti-drug PSA: 'The Twins'

    screen shot from "The Twins" anti-drug PSA Twin brothers, Lucas and Liam, pretty much lived an identical life ... until one them decided to take a pill.
  • Anti-drug PSA: 'Real Life'

    screen shot from "Real Life" anti-drug PSA Nate Trillo of Midlothian, Texas won third place and a $1,000 scholarship for his PSA “Real Life.”  
  • Red Ribbon Week Campus Video PSA Contest Winner

    red ribbon video contest winners Keene The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) co-sponsored a Red Ribbon Campus Video PSA Contest for colleges and universities. Watch the winning video.
  • Chasing the Dragon: The End

    Image of Cory (from Chasing the Dragon) Cory, addicted to opiates as a teen, talks about losing his girlfriend to heroin. 
  • VIDEO: Marijuana—The Facts and Fiction

    Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in America. Watch this video to find out what's fact and fiction.
  • Video: Red Ribbon Week

    Video Transcript Accessibility Statement: This is a one-minute long video that showcases photos of families at events and at milestones of growing up such as speaking on a stage or celebrating birthdays. The video is approximately one minute long.   The spoken text of the video is as follows: As parents, we want our kids to grow up safe, happy, and healthy. We want them to be responsible, to make good choices, and to achieve their goals. But the truth is, we won't always be there to protect them. So we equip our kids to make good decisions.
  • VIDEO: Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

    Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict You are going to see that once the addiction starts it is often too late. By telling somebody, you could be saving a life. 
  • Ronnie's Story

    Ronnie was an aspiring football player who had a full scholarship to play at Tennessee State. However, at age 15, he started abusing prescription medications.
  • Video: Red Ribbon Patch Program

    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts! Watch this video on how to earn the Red Ribbon Patch.
  • VIDEO: The Promise of Drugs

    When it comes to drugs and drug abuse, there's the promise and there's the reality. If you've ever felt the pressure to use drugs, you've probably heard the promise. Some promises are specific to a drug: "Meth can help you lose weight" or "Steroids will make you a better athlete." Other promises are vague: "Getting high will help you relax." Watch this animated video to learn more about the promise and reality of drug use and abuse.
  • VIDEO: Taking Prescription Drugs to Get High—A Bad Idea

    97% of teens don't use prescription drugs to get high. Watch this video to learn why taking prescription drugs to get high can have serious health effects including addiction and overdose.
  • VIDEO: Synthetic Drugs

    Some people think synthetic drugs are a legal substitute for drugs like marijuana and ecstasy. But they are not. Watch to learn the difference.
  • VIDEO: Meet Billy

    Billy is a high school senior who plays baseball and loves his dog. He also gets invited to parties where people will be doing drugs. Watch this video to see what Billy chooses to do.