Young People Are at Risk of Harsh Respiratory Problems After 30 Days of E-Cigarette Use, Study Says

Monday August 21, 2023


Vaping devices

(CNBC) Young people are at risk of experiencing significant respiratory symptoms, including bronchitis and shortness of breath, after just 30 days of electronic cigarette use, according to a new study released Tuesday. 

Researchers from the Center for Tobacco Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Southern California Keck School of Medicine used four years of data from online surveys to examine the health impact of e-cigarettes — which create a vapor containing nicotine and other harmful substances — on teens and young adults. 

They said the study, partly funded by the National Institutes of Health, contributes to existing evidence that e-cigarette use is associated with an increased risk of respiratory symptoms. Drug regulators should consider the findings and work to minimize the negative health impact of e-cigarette use on young people, the researchers added. 

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