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County Report Reveals Marijuana Risks and Addiction Among Teens

(Moorpark Acorn, May 20) Multiple research that shows heavy and early use can be harmful.

More States Ban Kratom Supplement Over Addiction Worries

(Portland Press Herald, May 20) Kratom, sold as a plant-based herbal supplement used to treat chronic pain, is being banned in six states and possibly more. 

'MadChemist' Who dealt Drug That Killed Colorado Springs Teen Gets 6 Years Probation

(The Gazette, May 18) 17-year-old Megan Pacheco died from overdosing on MDMA during a sleepover in 2015.

Heroin, Fentanyl Blamed For Overdose Uptick In Jacksonville

(Health News Florida, May 15) In Jacksonville, Florida, the number of overdoses from heroin laced with fentanyl skyrocketed this year. 

Bad LSD Trip Could Lead To 12 Umass Students Facing Drug, Alcohol Charges In New Hampshire

(MassLIVE, May 13) Twelve students from the University of Massachusetts may face charges after a woman overdosed on LSD at a cabin owned by the university’s Outing Club.

Teen Speaks Out About Prescription Abuse, Heroin Addiction and Recovery

(WBRC, May 13) 18-year-old “John” is one of many teens who are recovering from heroin addiction in North Alabama. 

Fatal Accidents Involving Stoned Drivers Soared In Washington Since Pot Was Legalized

(CNN, May 10) Fatal accidents resulting from drivers who were under the influence of marijuana in Washington state has skyrocketed. 

Prince's Death Prompts Jamie Lee Curtis to Open Up on Addiction: 'I Was Toxic'

(Today, May 6) Actress Jamie Lee Curtis opened up about her addiction to opiates in the wake up Prince's death.

Prince’s Addiction and an Intervention Too Late

(The New York Times, May 5) Mounting evidence shows that singer Prince may have overdosed on painkillers. Photo by jimieye.

Heroin Overdose Claims Man Who Spoke Publicly of Struggle

(The Salem News, May 2) James Fitzgerald, who was in his 20's, had struggled with heroin for years.