‘Sober School’ in Indiana Keeps Kids Clean

Teens fighting addiction face an uphill battle. 

Few drug treatment centers offer teen-focused groups or programs, leaving them to go to self-help meetings with mostly adults.

Schools like Indiana’s Hope Academy, a tuition-free recovery school, aim to help these teens.

"I am with people all day who are similar to me," Logan Snyder, a 17-year-old student told the Associated Press. "We're here to hold each other accountable."

Hope was founded in 2006 by addiction counselor Rachelle Gardner as a charter school. The school is not residential but does offer free transportation.  

There are currently about 36 “sober” schools in the United States, but Gardner says there is strong interest to create more.

“I get a phone call every day from somebody who wants to start a recovery high school,” she told the AP. Read more