David was only 23 when he overdosed.

Dave was 23 and worked in retail. He had two younger brothers, with whom he was very close. He played guitar with his youngest brother, talked about music, and rooted for the Dolphins with them.

Dave had spent most of his teen years looking for answers about himself in a mixture of marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. He would eventually turn to cocaine as well.

One night, Dave went to a bar in New York City with some friends. His friends say he returned from the men’s room, saying he had just done some “stuff”, felt weird, and then collapsed on the floor. They were afraid of getting themselves or Dave in trouble, so they carried him to their car and drove him back to Connecticut. They drove him around for hours before seeking help. These were wasted, precious minutes that likely would have saved his life had they acted more responsively and sought medical help immediately. Dave would not survive his overdose.

More About Cocaine

About Cocaine

White, crystalline powder derived from coca leaves. Cocaine base (crack) looks like small, irregularly shaped white rocks.