• SMOSH video screen shot

    Squad Vlog: Facing Addiction

    SMOSH members were shocked when they found out what their lives would be like if they became addicted to drugs.
  • Naloxonesavelives1

    What's Naloxone?

    Learn more about this opioid overdose reversal drug.
  • "One Bad Choice" PSA screenshot

    Anti-Opioid PSA: "One Bad Choice"

    Palmer Williams of Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs, Georgia won second place and a $5,000 scholarship for his anti-opioid PSA.
  • "This Isn't You" screenshot

    Anti-Opioid PSA: "This Isn't You"

    What happens to your relationships when you are addicted to opioids?
  • Operation Prevention PSA screenshot

    Watch: Discovery Education's Operation Prevention PSA

    The DEA and Discovery Education have teamed up to launch Operation Prevention, a program geared towards fighting opioid misuse among young people. Learn more.
  • screenshot  from 'The Corkboard' PSA

    2017 Operation Prevention Winners and Finalists

    In May 2017, Operation Prevention announced the winners and finalists of their anti-drug video PSA contest. Watch the videos here.
  • SMOSH video before and after

    Smosh Video: Drug Use 'Make-Overs'

    Ever wonder how different drugs change the way you look? With the magic of make-up, members of the comedy group Smosh were transformed to look like hardcore drug users. 
  • screen shot from "Bon Appetit" anti-drug PSA

    Anti-drug PSA: 'Bon Appetit'

    Nicholas K. of Norton, Massachusetts made it to the final round of Operation Preventions Video Challenge contest. Check out his video, "Bon Appetit."
  • screen shot from 'Awareness' anti-drug PSA

    Anti-drug PSA: 'Awareness'

    In May 2017, Operation Prevention announced the winners of their Video Challenge Contest. As part of the contest, sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the DEA Educational Foundation, and Discovery Education’s Operation Prevention, participants created 30 to 60 second original Public Service Announcements aimed at preventing other teens from abusing opioids. Out of hundreds of entries, Benjamin Z of W Valley City, Utah made it to the final round for his PSA video "Awareness." Watch it below.
  • screen shot from "The Twins" anti-drug PSA

    Anti-drug PSA: 'The Twins'

    Twin brothers, Lucas and Liam, pretty much lived an identical life ... until one them decided to take a pill.