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Protect Your Brain: Why Age of First Use Matters

Using drugs during your teen years can have a devastating and long-term impact on your memory and attention span for years to come.

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How Drugs Affect Your Looks and Your Body

Using drugs can ruin your health and destroy your physical appearance.

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One Pill Can Kill

Using prescription pills that weren't prescribed to you can be deadly.

Drug Overdose Myths

Get the facts about drug overdoses, as we debunk a few popular MYTHS.

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Using Drugs Could Get You Kicked Off the Team

Drugs affect your breathing, heart rate, muscles, concentration, coordination, senses, pain level, and brain activity. 

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What is Addiction?

Learn everything you need to know about addiction through these videos produced by the Addiction Policy Forum.

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Drugs and Dating Violence

Substance use can affect the way you treat your boyfriend or girlfriend.


At a Glance: Consequences of Using Drugs

Using drugs impacts your health, your social life, your family, your grades and your future.

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You Lose Your Money To Drugs

Using drugs costs money. It takes money to buy drugs. The more you use drugs, the more you keep spending on them. 

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You Lose Your Job Because of Drugs

Do you know how drug use can affect job performance and cause you problems at work?