THC Formula

Test Your THC Literacy

Test your knowledge of THC's forms, symptoms, and more with this quiz from Johnny's Ambassadors.


Marijuana Legal in 9 Out of 10 States With Highest Youth Use Rate

Nine out of the top 10 U.S. states by annual marijuana use among youth (ages 12-17) have legalized the drug for recreational use.

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Most Searched Questions: Counterfeit Pills

If you’re looking for accurate information about counterfeit pills, we’ve pulled together some of the internet’s most searched questions about them and answered.

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Preventing Opioid Misuse among High School Student-Athletes: Playbook for Students

Do you play sports? If you’ve ever gotten seriously injured on the field or on the court, your doctor may have prescribed you some powerful pain medication.

The Science of Addiction

In this interactive lesson, meet teens who are struggling with prescription opioid misuse and heroin use and learn the science behind their powerful stories.

Stimulants: Annoying, Aren't I?

Watch: Learn About Stimulants

Using illegal stimulants or misusing the prescription stimulants can lead to high blood pressure and can potentially cause a stroke. Learn more by watching this video.

Steroids: Bigger and Stronger

Watch: Learn About Steroids

The long-term effects steroids have on the brain are devastating. Watch the video to learn more.

Marijuana: Super Dopey

Watch: Learn About Marijuana

Do you know the ways marijuana can affect your body? Watch the video to learn.