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    Red Ribbon Week Quiz

    Red Ribbon Week is here! How much do you know about week-long celebration? 
  • teen girl and cocaine

    Ask the Docs: About Cocaine

    How does cocaine affect your brain? Can using cocaine cause seizures? Can using cocaine once be deadly? Find out how doctors answered these questions about cocaine from teens.
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    Five Quick Facts: Carfentanil

    Carfentanil is a dangerous new factor in the nation’s opioid crisis. See five quick facts about the drug.
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    Ask the Docs: About Heroin

    What exactly is heroin? And how is it different from legal drugs? Students asked, and doctors answered these questions and more during NIDA’s “Chat Day.”
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    Quiz: Ecstasy and MDMA

    How much do you know about the synthetic “party” drugs MDMA and ecstasy? 
  • man in bathroom with heroin

    What Does it Mean to "Relapse?"

    Unfortunately many people recovering from substance use disorders can relapse.
  • image of teen taking steroids in the gym

    Ask the Docs: About Steroids

    Is ‘roid rage’ a real thing? Can steroids cause you to lose your hair? Find out the answers to these questions and more.
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    Ask the Docs: About Inhalants

    Earlier this year, NIDA hosted it's annual “Chat Day” – a live online chat between teens and NIH scientists. See more student questions and doctor answers about inhalants.
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    Ask the Docs: About Marijuana

    At their annual 'Chat Day,' the National Institute on Drug Abuse gave students across the country a chance to ask doctors anything about drugs. Find out what you really want to know about marijuana.
  • girl smoking marijuana

    High Schoolers and Weed

    Research from Canada tells us how weed can change your attitude towards school.