Study suggests link between energy drinks and drug use

Wednesday November 17, 2021


energy drinks

(KTXS, August 2) Teens who drink more than one energy drink per day are less likely to believe drugs like cocaine and heroin are dangerous, according to new research.

University of Texas at San Antonio researcher Dr. Dylan Jackson and his team studied data from 8th and 10th graders between 2010 and 2016. Teens that drank an energy everyday are “125 percent more likely to fail to perceive any risk in trying to consume cocaine,” compared to their peers. And when it came to heroin, they were 143 percent more likely to not see the risk of trying that drug when compared to other teens.  

“This research should raise red flags among parents, physicians, and health professionals who are in regular contact with teens exhibiting problematic energy drink consumption patterns, as such consumption patterns may signal a proneness to attitudes and perceptions that are conducive to more serious drug use,” Jackson said. Read more.