Living Drug Free

  • teen girl holding tablet with Red Ribbon Celebration written on it

    Virtual Ways to Celebrate Red Ribbon

    There are still plenty of ways you can celebrate Red Ribbon and being drug free virtually with your schools and your communities. Check out a few ideas!
  • Dance for Red Ribbon screenshot

    Watch: Red Ribbon Week Music Video

    Check out this fun music video to learn more about the history behind Red Ribbon Week, how young people can celebrate, and ways teens are staying drug free. #Dance4RedRibbon
  • teen boy with cell phone

    Virtual Tools for Staying Healthy

    (The NIDA Blog Team, August 2020) You can use your phone to do almost anything these days—including staying healthy. 
  • marijuana laced animal cookies

    How to Avoid Drug-laced Food

    Nowadays, it seems like there are more kinds of edible marijuana than ever before. Because of this, accidental consumption of weed happens more than you think.
  • stressed out teen

    School Stress: 8 Ways to Deal

    Between the back-to-back Zoom classes, online assignments, and your little sister or brother bugging you all day - you're probably pretty stressed.
  • teen girl singing

    7 Better Highs

    Don’t let boredom be one of the reasons you try drugs. Check out 7 better things you can do.
  • girl with question mark on forehead

    Just Say ...

    Turning down drugs can be a little awkward. Here are eight honest and anxiety-free ways to say "no" and still keep your cool.