Living Drug Free

  • teen boy with cell phone

    Virtual Tools for Staying Healthy

    (The NIDA Blog Team, August 2020) You can use your phone to do almost anything these days—including staying healthy. 
  • marijuana laced animal cookies

    How to Avoid Drug-laced Food

    Nowadays, it seems like there are more kinds of edible marijuana than ever before. Because of this, accidental consumption of weed happens more than you think.
  • stressed out teen

    School Stress: 8 Ways to Deal

    Between the back-to-back Zoom classes, online assignments, and your little sister or brother bugging you all day - you're probably pretty stressed.
  • teen girl singing

    7 Better Highs

    Don’t let boredom be one of the reasons you try drugs. Check out 7 better things you can do.
  • girl with question mark on forehead

    Just Say ...

    Turning down drugs can be a little awkward. Here are eight honest and anxiety-free ways to say "no" and still keep your cool.