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U.S. Drug Overdoses Soar Past 60,000

In 2016, there were more than 63,000 deadly drug overdoses in the nation, according to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

3 teens hospitalized after being pranked into eating marijuana-laced cereal at Warren school

(ClickonDetroit, November 15) Cookie Crisp cereal laced with marijuana sent three Michigan teens to the hospital recently. 

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Marijuana: Likelihood of Getting a Job and Marriage Plummet for Teens Who Smoke

(Newsweek, November 7) Marijuana and alcohol use had a particularly negative effect on teenage boys. 

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Student Leaders Share Ideas on Tackling Drug Epidemic

HS students in Manchester, New Hampshire are giving local officials ideas on how to stop the spread of drug use.

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WATCH: Virtual Field Trip

Join us for a virtual field trip where you'll hear from retired NFL players, a musician and a family about opioid addiction.

Marijuana use linked to greater psychosis risk in teens

Teens that use marijuana a lot are more likely to have psychotic-like episodes, says new research.

11 Indiana teens hospitalized after eating gummy bears with THC

Gummy bears laced with THC, the ingredient in marijuana that causes a high, recently sent 11 Indiana teens to the hospital.

Teen Mom 2 Star Opens Up About Heroin Addiction

At one point in her life, Jenelle Evans was shooting up heroin 4-5 times a day. 

11 middle schoolers hospitalized after sharing Xanax

(CNN, June 6) The California middle schoolers appeared “lethargic, tired, and out of it” not too long after consuming the drug, a school district official said.

Teen Weed Smokers More Likely to Do Other Drugs, Study Says

Teens that regularly use weed usually don’t stop there, according to a new study.