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Teen Weed Smokers More Likely to Do Other Drugs, Study Says

Teens that regularly use weed usually don’t stop there, according to a new study.

Weed Does WHAT to Your Gums?!

(HealthDay News, June 1) In addition to affecting your brain development, smoking marijuana could also lead to gum disease, according to a new study.

Police: 3 girls fall ill after eating brownies at dance

Authorities believe the brownies were made from a marijuana concentrate.

Drugging a drink

Teens Invent Straws That Can Detect Most Common Date Rape Drugs

The straw would be able to detect the popular date rape drugs roofies, liquid ecstasy, and Special K.

Man snorting cocaine

Snorting cocaine just once can be addictive

New research suggests users can get hooked on cocaine after just the first use.

Star Drummer Opens Up About Overcoming Drugs

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker recently spoke out about his recovery after a deadly plane crash in 2008, and how that led him to quit recreational and prescription drugs.

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High Schoolers and Weed

Research from Canada tells us how weed can change your attitude towards school. 

Students share creative ideas for NH's drug crisis in town hall

(WMUR, May 11) New Hampshire students gave their ideas for solutions to the opioid epidemic facing their local communities during a recent televised special.

‘Sober School’ in Indiana Keeps Kids Clean

Few drug treatment centers offer teen-focused groups or programs, leaving the young people to go to self-help meetings with mostly adults.

Colorado Sees Surge in Teen Weed-Related ER Visits

(Live Science, May 4)  Researchers looked at ER visits from 13 to 21-year-olds at Children’s Hospital Colorado (or one of its urgent-care centers) between January 2005 and June 2015.