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Too Many Pregnant Teens Are Smoking Weed

Pregnant teens smoke weed twice as much as non pregnant teens, according to a survey.

National Recovery Month

Students pledge to be drug-free during ‘We Are Hope’ campaign

(Times-News, April 6) North Carolina Principal Kent Parent challenged his students at Balfour Education Center to stop using drugs for one week.

Prom-goers Get Sick After Consuming Marijuana Edibles

Prom night took a sharp turn for the worse for a group of Massachusetts teens who got sick after eating marijuana brownies.

teen boy on cell phone

Are Smartphones the New High?

Could there be a good side to constant smart phone use? Some experts think maybe. 

Smoking Weed as Teen Can Cause Health Issues Later

If you start smoking pot as a teenager, you might have to deal with a lot of health issues when you get older and probably for the rest of your life.

2 teens treated after ingesting marijuana-laced gummy candies at school

Two teenagers were treated by paramedics after ingesting marijuana-laced gummy candies at their Coconut Creek school.

Actor Zac Efron Reveals How Exercise Keeps Him Sober

The star battled very publicly with drug and alcohol issues and in 2013 went to rehab, and emerged sober.

Va. teen gets 7 years in prison

A Virginia teen was sentenced to seven years in prison for providing a morphine pill to a classmate at a party that was among a handful of drugs that led to her death. 


How Steroids are a Dark Dangerous Path to the Elusive Six-pack Dream

Some turn to steroids hoping to get the perfect body. But “if given without proper medical guidance, diet and dosage, the steroids can cause serious damage to one’s liver, kidneys and metabolism,” a sports physiotherapist warns.

Study: Cocaine Can Ruin Your Smile

Being addicted to drugs causes tooth decay, new research confirms.