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Actor Zac Efron Reveals How Exercise Keeps Him Sober

The star battled very publicly with drug and alcohol issues and in 2013 went to rehab, and emerged sober.

Va. teen gets 7 years in prison

A Virginia teen was sentenced to seven years in prison for providing a morphine pill to a classmate at a party that was among a handful of drugs that led to her death. 


How Steroids are a Dark Dangerous Path to the Elusive Six-pack Dream

Some turn to steroids hoping to get the perfect body. But “if given without proper medical guidance, diet and dosage, the steroids can cause serious damage to one’s liver, kidneys and metabolism,” a sports physiotherapist warns.

Study: Cocaine Can Ruin Your Smile

Being addicted to drugs causes tooth decay, new research confirms. 

Demi Lovato Celebrates Five Years of Sobriety

The singer took to Instagram and posted a personal message to her fans.

State of Addiction: 1 in 4 teens has used, abused prescription drugs, report says

(WESH 2 News, Feb. 2) One in four teens has used or abused a prescription drug in their life, and many of them start at a young age. Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs by children ages 12 and 13.

Hospitalizations Among Teens for Opioid Poisonings Increase, Study Shows

(WKRN, Feb. 26) A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics revealed a scary reason why teens are ending up in the ER: overdoses from prescription and illicit drugs, specifically opioids and heroin.

Depressed teen

High School Sports Injuries Can Lead to Addiction Depending on Treatment

(WKRN) – A hard hit can do more than just knock the wind out of a player on the field. It can leave them with an injury requiring medical attention and possibly pain medication.

Cannabis: Teenage Consumption Increases Following Legalization in the United States

(AFP Relax News, Dec.28) Negative perceptions of marijuana among 13-14-year olds and 15-16-year olds in the state of Washington have declined by 14 percent and 16 percent since the drug was legalized.

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As Opioids Ravage the U.S., Teen Students Show Steady Decline in Use

(US News, Dec. 13) A recent \"Monitoring the Future\" study showed that drug use and risky behavior among high schoolers is declining.